CDS Management

A management for our top workers and dancers. 


Ricky Jinks, UK
Brian Friedman, US
Ainsley Ricketts, UK
Jerry Reeve, UK
Kathryn Snook AMCK, UK
Rene Winter, DK
Dean Lee, UK
Andye J, US
Stephanie Thomasen, DK 
Lukas McFarlane, US
Vicky Leander, DK 


The CDS Management is the core of the agency and booking, the A dancers that also works as assistants for both the production company of the actual business but also for choreographers like Ainsley Ricketts, Brian Friedman and Andye J.

The management also choreographs for productions, music videos and giant concerts, as danish artist Benal, at all of the danish theaters for huge productions and music videos in colaboration with universal music Denmark. 

All management dancers are signed with amck UK , works with Kutes agency UK and MSA US. 


Choreographer // Teacher

Brian Friedman

“Since the day I had my first CDS Dancer step in front of me in London at audition, I knew there was going to be a long working relationship between us. The training at Copenhagen Dance Space sets their dancers up for success and having an in house agency  bridges the gap between training and working professionally. 

Bravo Josefin! 

The sky is the limit for CDS!”

Other Dancers & Models